Kevin Funk Photography – In Focus

Combine an artist’s heart and an engineer’s mind. The result is a photographer with an extraordinary eye for beauty and a sustained passion for precision.

Kevin Funk captures West Virginians’ surroundings in a way that turns them into images that are indescribable.

The Romney native knows how in an instant, an adjusted angle, attention to color and light, and a redirected focus can change the way you truly see your environment.

A photograph of Sharpies made a mark on Funk, inspiring a desire to bring you an image that will redefine your appreciation of nature. The image Removal by Dave Nitsche transformed something so synthetic into a desire to share scenery as captured through a lens.

“The artist made the subject unique and different which changed my perspective completely,” he described. “I am compelled by this idea every time I am out exploring my photographic expression.”

The once amateur photographer was motivated by that image in October 2005 to explore a part-time profession with a camera.

“Nature shows us its beauty every day. It is up to us to be ready and willing to take it in and experience it,” explained Funk.

He added, “I am trying to show West Virginians and non-natives how beautiful our country is and how we forget the simplicity and beauty of nature. I am trying to show that beauty is all around us, and that the changes in what we see are based on our point of view.”

The Fairmont State University graduate believes West Virginia is full of undersold, understated attractions. To promote them best, they have to be shown in the best light - figuratively and literally.

The best according to Funk is Dolly Sods Wilderness an hour before sunrise when bad weather is forecasted for the afternoon. “When I am there and seeing a sunrise, there is so much there to take in. I am focusing on one part of it. It is my job to guide the viewers to see and experience. It takes time and in-the-moment editing to determine the best way to express the grandeur of nature’s sunrise.”

Many of Funk’s subjects for photos are familiar territories for people from West Virginia and even the state’s visitors.

He said, “There’s a good chance my audience has seen Blackwater Falls State Park. But, they have the option to see it the way I saw it.”
Seeing places or objects in a new light could lead to increased appreciation of our environment explained Funk. “I want to inspire someone. They may be in a position of power to save some place. There are a lot of negative things said about West Virginia. People don’t realize what they have here.”

Visit as the photographer takes you on a virtual hike to help you discover or rediscover West Virginia’s treasures.

“The camera shows all. The photograph is as much a reflection of me as what I capture in the frame,” said Funk. You can comment on his work or inquire more on his facebook page at: