Artist Statement

Kevin Funk Photography Dolly Sods sunrise

I have an emotional connection with every photograph I take.  If I’m not emotionally reacting to it, I can’t expect a viewer to do the same. 

When I shoot, I find natural surroundings that grab my attention and then build the photo around that environmental ambiance.

Sometimes a planned day of photography for me means embracing unpredictability and allowing the subject and conditions to direct my path.

It wasn’t until I discovered my own love of nature and photography that I started giving my surroundings a second glance.  I’m always internalizing what I see and how it makes me feel.

I focus strictly on subject matter rather than relying on theme shooting.   I enjoy the subject’s atmosphere.  My approach puts me in a position to embrace the outdoors.

Fall, my preferred season to shoot, has a certain feeling to me.  It’s cool and crisp.  The air has a certain taste to it.  I capture it the way I feel it without disturbing the integrity of the scenery. I hope my portrayal of realism, touched by my own interpretation of the scene, will transform you from being an observer to an experiencer.